Backgammon at its best!

Try the best backgammon games made for the Mac. Click on the links below to start enjoying them.

Good News:

- Absolute Backgammon 64 (includes acey deucey) for the Mac is available now! see below
- Absolute Backgammon (includes acey deucey) for the iPad is in the App Store!

Absolute Backgammon for the iPad & iPhone. It also includes acey deucey

All of the games below (including David's Backgammon) work with all versions of OSX including High Sierra and Mojave.

NEW! Absolute Backgammon 64 - Download and try the newest backgammon game for the Macintosh. It is 64 bit so will work with new versions of OSX for many years. It also includes acey deucey

Absolute Backgammon - Download and try for the Macintosh. You won't find a backgammon game with more attractive graphics or easier to use. There are many more board styles to pick from. Can even play using just your voice.

David's Backgammon - Try this excellent, addictive and very easy-to-use backgammon game for Windows or the Macintosh. This will help you get ready to kick butt when you play backgammon on-line. Introduced 19 years ago and improved ever since.

Absolute Acey Deucey Backgammon - Includes 6 variations of backgammon including Acey Deucey. Since World War I, it has been a favorite game of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Merchant Marine. This game now includes Backgammon, Acey Deucey, Dutch Backgammon, Nackgammon, Shesh Besh and European Backgammon.

Absolute Farkle for Mac OS X - Not backgammon but a very addictive dice game.

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