This is not a detail history. It does not mention all changes in detail.

Version 1.8 (1.10.19)

- made some non visible interface changes

Version 1.7 (1.8.19)

- made some non visible interface changes

Version 1.6 (1.5.19)

- hopefully fixed display problems is some situation
- fixed a couple of rare interface problems
- in Auto Finish, the dice were not showing properly
- fixed a problem with the computer conceding the game

Version 1.5 (12.31.18)

- added the Glass Board (no minor feat) - can be selected in the File menu
- made several interface improvements
- fixed several bugs/problems
- Happy New Year!

Version 1.3 (11.30.18)

- fixed a bearing off problem with Easy Moves
- made several minor interface changes

Version 1.2 (11.22.18)

- fixed a problem with activation of the demo game.

Version 1.1 (11.14.18)

- fixed a problem with bearing off a piece when using Easy Moves.
- made some minor interface adjustments

Version 1.0 (11.9.18)

- this is the first version, no history to report yet