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Good News - Absolute Backgammon (including acey deucey) for the iPad & iPhone is in the App Store!

App Store link to the iPad version of Absolute Backgammon

You can gift the game to someone by selecting "View in iTunes" then selecting the down arrow next to the button to purchase it.

Veiw the manual for it - Manual for Absolute Backgammon/Acey Deucey for the iPad

Absolute Backgammon 64 is now available for the Mac. It is 64 bit so it will run on the next version of OS X. David's Backgammon will not run on the next version of OS X. It would take too much to convert it to 64 bits.


Ready for a fun game of backgammon?

David's Backgammon works with all versions of OSX including Mojave! Also the windows version works with current versions of Windows Both Absolute Backgammon and Absolute Acey Deucey Backgammon also work with all version of OSX. Links to them are below.

Mountain Lion Instructions for starting the game

David's Backgammon has been one of the best backgammon games for the mac and windows for over 20 years. Since its introduction in 1996, it has been improved and made to work on all of the versions of the mac and windows operating systems, including the latest version of OSX and Windows . It has 5 skill levels for all levels of play and about any option/feature you could think of. If you are just looking for a fun game of backgammon or want to learn how to play better, you won't be disappointed.

David's backgammon has many features that will help you increase your skill level. Not only can you enjoy playing David's Backgammon while you learn, but it can make you a much better player so that playing other players will be more enjoyable and profitable.

Below you can download a demo version of the game, then farther down you can order the game, using your credit card, from PayPal or Kagi. My address is below so you can order it by mail if you wish.

Feature List

Other games I have created and sell are:


Absolute Acey Deucey (Mac only - includes backgammon and 5 other variations of backgammon)

Absolute Backgammon (Mac only )

Absolute Farkle (Mac only - an addictive dice game that goes by many other names)


The current versions work with the latest version of OSX and Windows 8 (and older versions of the operating systems). There are older versions of the game that work with previous versions of the operating systems. Look down farther to find them.


Download David's Backgammon for the Mac

David's Backgammon v6.4 (for all versions of OSX after Tiger including the lastest - High Sierra)

David's Backgammon v5.9.5 (for OSX 10.4 Tiger and earlier versions of OSX)

Mac Version History

Download David's Backgammon for Windows

David's Backgammon v5.6 for Windows XP and later in ZIP format

Note: if you are using a version of Windows after XP, you can speed up piece movement by right-clicking on the game (dgammon.exe), then select properties in the popup menu. Then select it to be compatable with XP service pack 2.

Windows Version History


I have versions that work with older versions of the operating systems for both the Mac and Windows. Email me if you need one of them. I will give you a download link.

I am always trying to improve the game. Please feel free to let me know about problems or give me suggestions for improving the game or the documentation. That includes strategy. I will fix any problems and make a new version available soon after learning about a problem.

Purchasing David's Backgammon

It is $20 for the password/activation code for the demo version that you have on your computer. There are 3 ways to purchase the game. You can pay using your PayPal account, you can order using a credit card through PayPal. You can send a check or cash in the mail.


Updates will be free for 12 months after purchase. Just download the new version and it should work as registered. If not, email me for help.


When purchasing, please include the version of the game you have and the 3 letter ID from the game. You can find both by using the Purchase menu in the game or view them on startup of the game. If they don't get included with the order, you can email them to macgammon@aol.com

Credit Card or PayPal account (you don't need a PayPal account)

You can order thru PayPal using your credit card or your PayPal account. If you use your PayPal account, you can use macgammon@aol.com as the email address to pay or click on the link below:


Order using PayPal


The payment is to David Byrum.



If you mail your order, it would be very helpful if you would fill in and print out the Registration letter. Use the Registration menu in the game. Then send it to:


David Byrum

16181 SE Lillian Ct

Portland, OR 97267


Backgammon Rules


You can email me (David) at macgammon@aol.com for the Mac version or wingammon@aol.com for the Windows version.



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