Key Features
NEW!! The current Windows version of the game allows you to play backgamon just using your voice. You must have SAPI compliant speech recognition software ,with command & control , installed on your system.
Very easy to use.
Ability to pick up multiple pieces at a time
Great graphics and sound effects (rolling dice, dropping pieces, etc.)
Save and resume play
Speech supported
"Hot Key" hides the game (in case the boss walks in)
Computer recommended moves
Use the doubling cube and get doubling cube advice
Multi-player (Person vs Computer, Person vs Person, etc.)
Tournament play (with and w/out Crawford Rule) & Money Game play
Take back moves and doubles of the cube ( back to start of the game)
Set up any board situation
Position Roll out feature
Switch piece colors and direction of play
6 built-in board colors and 3 frame styles with ability to create your own colors
Many board sizes - the largest fills a 17 in monitor
5 Methods for moving pieces - 3 mouse 1 keyboard, and your voice
Maintains statistics for up to 4 pairs of players
Option to speak the dice when they are rolled
Plus many more options and features....(at least 22 more)
And the best of all - it's inexpensive! No other backgammon game, near this price range, offers half of the features.