Purchasing/Registering David's Backgammon

It is $20 for the password/activation code for the demo version that you have on your computer. There are 4 ways to purchase the game. You can pay using your PayPal account, you can order using a credit card through PayPal, you can order using your credit card thru Kagi. You can send a check or cash in the mail.

Updates will be free for 9 months after purchase. Just download the new version and it should work as registered. If not, email me for help.

When purchasing, please include the version of the game you have and the 3 letter ID from the game. You can find both by using the Registration menu in the game or view them on startup of the game.

If they don't get included with the order, you can email them to macgammon@aol.com for the Mac version or wingammon@aol.com for the Windows version.

In most cases, orders are handled within a couple of hours. But I do have to sleep some time.


Order using Kagi


If you use PayPal, you can use absolutegammon@aol.com as the email address or click on the link below:

Order using PayPal

The payment is to David Byrum.


If you order by mail, you can take $2 off since I don't have to pay the order processing fee.

It would be very helpful if you would fill in and print out the Purchase letter. Use the PURCHASE menu in the game. Then send it to:

David Byrum
16181 SE Lillian Ct
Milwaukie, OR 97267