This is not a detail history. It only summarizes significant changes.

6.4 (5.24.15)

- Who Gets First Roll was always the default when the game program was started. Fixed.
- several minor changes for Yosemite compatibility
- fixed any known problems

6.3.7 (11.19.14)

- minor changes
- works with the new Yosemite!

6.3.6 (11.15.14)

- works with the new Yosemite!
- fixed a problem with the selection/deselection of auto moves options

6.3.5 (10.20.14)

- works with the new Yosemite!
- this version fixes problems that appeared with Yosemite (OSX 10.10)

6.3.1 (10.23.13)

- works with the new Mavericks! - this version fixes a problem that appeared with Mavericks

6.3 (7.23.13)

- improved cube handling with the Jacoby rule selected
- improved play with no backgammons selected
- fixed any know problems
- works with OSX 10.5 or later including Mountain Lion. There are older version for all previous version of OSX and OS9

6.2.3 (12.26.12)

- works with OSX 10.5 or later including Mountain Lion. There are older version for all previous version of OSX and OS9
- maintenance update - only very minor changes
- fixed any know problems

6.2.2 (10.3.12)

- works with OSX 10.5 or later including Mountain Lion. There are older version for all previous version of OSX and OS9
- added a workaround for a potential problem with sound routines
- fixed any know problems

6.2.1 (10.1.12)

- works with OSX 10.5 or later including Mountain Lion. There are older version for all previous version of OSX and OS9
- sound routines were replaced because they were causing problems with Mountain Lion
- fixed any know problems

6.2 (9.15.12)

- works with OSX 10.5 or later including Mountain Lion. There are older version for all previous version of OSX and OS9
- code-signed for trusted developer with Mountain Lion
- fixed any know problems

6.1.9 (9.8.12)

- works with Lion and Mountain Lion
- fixed a potential problem when picking up a piece
- fixed any know problems

6.1.8 (8.20.12)

- in a money session, the winnings could only go to a little over 32 thousand. Now much larger.
- fixed any know problems

6.1.7 (7.23.12)

- works with Lion
- fixed a couple of problems with money sessions
- fixed several problems introduced with the Lion version (version 6)
- fixed any know problems

6.1.6 (7.21.12)

- works with Lion
- added a workaround for a sound problem
- the 3 letter id was not correct in 6.1.5. Fixed.
- fixed any know problems

6.1.5 (7.11.12)

- works with Lion
- the beaver option appeared to not be working (but was). Fixed
- the running scores dialog was not showing properly. Now is.
- fixed any know problems

6.1.4 (7.5.12)

- works with Lion
- th Custom Boards feature was not working. Now is.
- fixed any know problems

6.1.3 (6.30.12)

- works with Lion
- several minor interface enhancements and fixes
- fixed any know problems

6.1.2 (6.11.12)

- running stats were not reset when the reset button was pressed. Fixed

6.1.1 (5.8.12)

- fixed several problems involving tournament play

6.1 (4.17.12)

- works with Lion!
- rollouts have been added back
- keyboard moves is now working
- fixed several interface problems caused by conversion to work with Lion

6.0 (4.13.12)

- finally works with Lion
- first intel version of the game
- thousands of code changes to get this intel/Lion version
- rollouts are not working correctly yet but will be soonv - keyboard moves are not working correctly yet but will be soon
- upgrades to the rollout and keyboard input versions will be free to those who purchase this version
- because of all of the work (a huge task) to get this version, it is only a free upgrade to 5.9.5 purchasers

5.9.5 (12.13.11)

- made modest improvements to the computer skill and cube action
- fixed any known problems
- you will need a new password for this version so don't replace your previous version until you are sure you want to upgrade
- works on all versions of the Mac OS thru Snow Leopard. Does not work with Lion.

5.9.2 (3.7.11)

- made several minor changes to the game
- fixed any known problems

5.9.1 (1.20.11)

- the right/secondary mouse button can now be used to take back a move
- the right/secondary mouse button can now be used to de-select a piece that has been picked up

5.9 (1.13.11)

- made several minor fixes and interface enhancements
- fixed any known problems
- password was changed for this version. Don't replace your previous version until you decide you want to upgrade

5.8.8 (4.5.10)

- added code to stop speech from repeating the same message if user keeps doing the same thing that caused the message
- several minor interface changes
- fixed any known problems

5.8.7 (1.12.10)

- changed menu items in the Purchase menu
- changed some text
- fixed any known problems

5.8.6 (12.4.09)

- minor interface enhancements/changes
- fixed any know problems
- works with Snow Leopard (with Rosetta installed)

5.8.5 (10.29.09)

- made changes to the code for changing the size of the boards/window
- minor interface enhancements/changes
- fixed any know problems
- works with Snow Leopard (with Rosetta installed)

5.8.2 (6/8/09)

- changed some text for the game

5.8 (4/4/09)

- no more blank dice. They are on the board frame untill they are rolled.
- after a player has played his turn, the dice rolled are displayed on the board frame
- fixed the Registration and Info menu items that go to websites
- this version requires a new password. It has been 16 months since it has been changed. So don't replace your old version until you know you want this one.

5.7.7 (3/6/09)

- some of the context help titles were not correct. Fixed
- fixed any known problems. If you know of any, please let me know -
- works with intel Macs and Leopard!

5.7.6 (12/2/08)

- changed some text in the game
- fixed any known problems. If you know of any, please let know -
- works with intel Macs and Leopard!

5.7.5 (7/23/08)

- minor interface adjustments
- fixed a minor problem
- works with intel Macs and Leopard!

5.7.3 (5/11/08)

- a change in 5.7.2 caused the roll-outs not to work. Okay now.
- made a change that reduced the background cpu usage significantly.
- the cubes were not always displayed 100% correctly. Okay now.
- now have 2 versions: OSX and OS9 versions. they appear about the same but the OSX version won't work in OS9.

5.7.2 (5/2/08)

- modified the row graphics
- fixed a minor problem
- works with intel Macs and Leopard!

5.7.1 (3/27/08)

- the display of the dice graphic was not completely right. Fixed.
- fixed any know problems
- works with intel macs and Leopard!

5.7 (3/26/08)

- the largest board size is 27% larger than before (for higher resolution monitors)
- the dice and cubes were made larger for the larger boards sizes
- fixed any know problems
- works with intel macs and Leopard!

5.6.2 (2/21/08)

- changes made in 5.6 caused the piece movement to be too slow in some situations with larger board sizes. Should be better now.

5.6.1 (12/29/07)

- With OS 9, if the first time the game was ever started on the machine, the 1st dialog couldn't be closed so never could get the game started. Fixed
- on startup, with OS 9, the Hello message could get stuck. Would have to use redraw board to get it erased. Fixed.
- don't delete your previous version if previous to 5.6. 5.6 requires a new password. You might need to upgrade.
- works with intel macs and Leopard!

5.6 (12/17/07)

- made changes to improve compatibility with Leopard
- several interface enhancements
- fixed any know problems
- don't delete your previous version. This requires a new password. You might need to upgrade.
- works with intel macs and Leopard!

5.5.3 (7/26/07)

- made improvements to the window positioning logic
- made several other minor enhancements
- fixed any know problems

5.5.1 (7.14.07)

- if the sound was turned off when the game was quit, it would be on when restarted. Now it is off.

5.4.9 (7/12/07)

- fixed a problem introduced in 5.4.8. The board could be all black.

5.4.8 (7/12/07)

- added "off" to the sound level menu
- made several minor enhancements
- fixed any know problems

5.4.6 (5/12/07)

- made some changes to get around a problem with speech in OS X. Was a random problem on only a few machines.
- made several changes to fix minor problems
- fixed any know problems

5.4.3 (4/2/07)

- Print Game has been modified to fix a potential problem and fix appearance
- several other minor changes

5.4.2 (1/30/07)

- at the end of the game when bearing off pieces, depending on the move method used, your dice might have been rolled automatically. Not now.

5.4.1 (1/7/07)

- playing the game using the keyboard was not working. Now is.

5.4 (12/27/06)

- made changes to the doubling cube logic. The computer should make better cube choices and advice.
- at the end of a game, with all move methods, the easy moves method of moving pieces can be used to move pieces into the tray. Also the dice can be rolled by clicking in the tray area. This makes moving pieces much easier and quicker at the end of the game.
- made minor enhancements to the interface and changes to the game
- Note: this version requires a new activation code/password. Do not replace your previously registered version unless you intend to upgrade. The previous version will stay registered if you download and try this version. If you registered in the last year or have paid for an upgrade in the last 2 years, this version is free. Email me, David, at

5.3.7 (10/19/06)

- if Audio Out settings were changed by another program so that the sound in the game doesn't work, a dialog is presented explaining how to fix it and the sound is turned off in the game to prevent the game crashing
- several other minor changes
- fixed any known problems

5.3.5 (8/24/06)

- changed the address to order the game by mail
- several other minor changes
- fixed any known problems

5.3.4 (4/20/06)

- position rollouts are now 4 times faster than the previous versions. 40 times faster than 4.9.7

5.3.2 (4/3/06)

- with Winner Rolls First selected, selecting to replay the game would crash the game. Not now.

5.3.1 (3/7/06)

- when the game was quit, a new game was started before the game quit. Not now.

5.3 (1/24/06)

- improved the doubling cube logic
- several other minor enhancements and fixes

5.2.3 (12/23/05)

- with thousands of colors selected (instead of millions), the number on the cube was fuzzy/bad. Not now

5.2.2 (12/16/05)

- when using the carbon version of the game with OS 9 and with sound on in the game, after awhile the game would crash due to a sound problem. Not now.

5.2 (11/25/05)

- many changes were made to improve the skill of the computer opponent in all situations, especially with the doubling cube
- the okay button was covered on the "Thank you for trying David's Backgammon" dialog so it was not obvious how to continue. Now fixed

5.0.4 (10/19/05)

- fixed a few problems that could occur when using the game in OS 9 including a possible "not enough memory" when changing the board size
- several other minor changes

5.0.2 (9/30/05)

This corrects 2 problems that were introduced into version 5 -- always a risk with a large number of changes.
- took out 2 test messages, accidentally left in, that might be visible when the game is quit. Did not affect game play.
- when taking back a turn, after the computer rolled doubles, the display retained the dice. Not now.

5.0 (9/26/05)

- improved doubling cube decisions in late game play.
- increased the maximum board size by 15% (1300 pixels to 1500 pixels)
- improved the cube and dice at larger board sizes
- fixed some potential graphics problems with larger boards sizes
- added a Help item that lists the keyboard shortcuts that can be used in the game (Does not include keyboard method of play. This has its own Help item)
- added Sound Level menu to Board menu. This adjusts the volume of the piece, cube and dice sounds in the game.
- added a Fast Play option. Can be selected in the Board Menu. All delays that make the game user friendly are not used.
- many other minor enhancements
- fixed any known problems

4.9.9 b3 (7/7/05)

- Method for playing the Piece Sound was changed because of a few reported problems
- Piece Speed is also in the Board menu now
- Piece Speed default is 4 if Tiger

4.9.9 b2 (6/14/05)

- When playing with another person, the message "Play the BAR piece first" could be displayed and the game could not be continued - fixed.
- When playing with another person, the names displayed on top would be not be displayed correctly at the start of a new game - fixed.

4.9.9 (5/27/05)

- Adding the "Clear Session Data?" in version 4.9.8 caused a problem with Money Game play. Fixed now.

4.9.8 (4/25/05)

- When selecting New Session, you are asked "Clear Session Data?", to protect from accidentally selecting instead of New Game.
- Rollouts were slow. Are now 5 times faster
- Made several minor interface improvements
- Fixed any known problems.

4.9.7 (12/23/04)

- when notepad or help were selected then closed, the speech menu was not re-populated. Now is.
- in Display Settings..., "Show Changes Immediately" is now checked by default.
- increased the amount of memory allocated for the game.

4.9.6 (10/26/04)

- In Classic and OS9/8, there was not enough memory set for the game to draw the board correctly and to show the piece movement. Now okay.

4.9.5 (7/21/04)

- Added a menu item to go to the Absolute Backgammon web site
- Made some changes to the documentation

4.9.4 (4/2/04)

- with Auto Moves - if only one move and Auto Moves - Partial Moves both selected and the last turn of the game did not use all of the dice, an inappropriate message was given. Not now.
- the board was not draw the first time the board was manually resized. Is now.
- reduced the sound level of piece and dice sounds

4.9.2 (3/16/04)

- Made a change to how the piece sound is generated. Hopefully fixing a rare problem where the game would go into an infinite loop when playing the piece sound.

4.9 (12/30/03)

- NEW - Added a personality feature to the Skill menu. You can now select to have the computer opponent be aggressive, conservative or normal/best
- Made changes to eliminate the spinning cursor when the computer makes a move and in most other situations
- Fixed any know problems

4.8.1 (11/17/003)

- Improved the concede logic. When you concede, it gives a more realistic concede offer in some circumstances
- Minor interface improvements

4.8 (10/3/003)

- Doubling cube logic improved
- Fix - if both Automatic Rolls and Easy Moves were selected, strange things could happen when trying to move the pieces

4.7.9 (7/9/03)

- Fixed a problem that could occur when continuing a cube declined game then taking back the passing of the cube
- Fixed any other known problems

4.7.8 (5/20/03)

- Fixed a problem that could occur when bearing off when using Easy Moves
- Several other minor user interface enhancements

4.7.7 (4/14/03)

- Increased the piece speed slightly after several reports of slowness with OS 10.2.5
- In OSX was only printing 1 page of a game. Now prints the whole game

4.7.6 (2/3/03)

- In OS 9, manual resizing of the board caused a crash sometimes. Fixed

4.7.5 (1/28/03)

- Fix - On some computers running OS 9, the Carbon version would crash when quitting the game, resulting in Preferences not being saved.
- Several other minor enhancements.

4.7.4 (1/8/03)

- improved the piece and cube movement in OS X and PPC versions
- in the Carbon version, the first time a preference setting change that required the board to be redrawn, it wasn't. Does now.
- the trays were not outlined. Must have been caused by a recent release of OS X. Fixed.
- fixed a minor problem with the cube appearance
- New - if you have just 1 piece in your outerboard, you can now move the piece directly into the tray
- code to put text into the clipboard in the PPC version was not working. Does now.

4.7 (12/25/02)

- added option to have solid piece colors instead of patterned pieces
- muted the black/green board colors a little -- not so bright/stark
- several other cosmetic changes and minor enhancements

4.6.7 (10/9/02)

- Made changes to get around sound problem introduced in OS 9.2. Piece sounds and piece movement were not always synchronized.
- Fixed a problem if a piece was selected while Command-N or Command-C is selected

4.6.6 (8/29/2002)

- Fix - Easy Moves and taking back a move with shift-click were broken in OS X because the shift and command keys down were not being recognized.
- Fixed a problem with a powerbook and attached monitor.
- Fixed a problem with displaying more scores with OS 8.6/PPC
- several other minor enhancements/fixes

4.6.4 (7/18/2002)

- added dockOffset = 30 if OS X
- Fix - when "swith direction" was selected, the pieces were not put in the trays correctly until the game was quit then restrarted.
- changed all references to AOL web site to
- several other minor enhancements

4.6.2 (6/19/2002) - Only minor changes - mostly cosmetic

- This is a free upgrade for registered users of 4.5 or later or those that have registered in the last 6 months.

4.6 (4/9/2002) - NEW - Carbon version now works with OS 9 as well as OS X

- NEW - there is now also a PPC version of 4.6 -- previously 4.3.6 was the last PPC version
- NOTE - 68k version will stop at v4.3.6
- NEW - put display options into Display Settings... menu item/dialog
- NEW - added cmd Q to end the program when the dialog, at the end of the game, is being displayed
- NEW - when doing an autobearoff, if the piece can also hit a blot then now no auto bearoff
- NEW - bearing off - if bearoff is not exact but 2 dice can be used by moving the smallest
1st, it is now allowed to move the piece directly in to the tray.
- Put back code that allows the last piece moved to be picked up and put back
- CHANGE - made several changes to logic checking for incorrect moves when a piece(s) was on the BAR
- NEW - added Command-Z as menu shortcut to Cursor Options/Take back....
- CHANGE - when a move is taken back, just the amount for 1 die is taken back for each take-back
- CHANGE - made Cmd-Z, click on BAR and the take back menu item work the same
- FIX - Rollout Position - if click after move was set for either player the rollout would stop

4.5.2 (3/13/02)

- Resolved the speed problems with the OS X version - piece speed, program startup and cube speed

4.5.1 (2/19/02)

- Increased piece movement speed. Piece movement was too slow on slower/older Macs.

4.5 (2/18/02)

- First OS X-Carbon version - Has the same features and functionality as 4.3.6
- Added more wood board frame designs.

4.3.6 (1/27/02)

- The routine that put the web page address or the 3 letter ID into the clipboard was not working correctly
- The OS X version of the game will be available within the next month. If you order this version, you will be able to get it free for the next 3 months.

4.3.5 (12/24/01)

- Improved the Rolls Remaining algorithm for better late game evaluations. Affects the computer's moves and cube play.

4.3 (11/22/01)

- Changed the piece color back to red on the default board color (greenblack)
- Increased the default memory for the game
- Made the default board size 6 on larger monitors (was 5)
- ID does not change now when go from OS X Classic mode to OS 9 and visa versa
- Several other minor enhancements/changes/fixes

4.2.1 (9/22/2001)

- Fixed a problem with Show Possible Moves. The red rectangle was not being cleared properly under a certain situation.

4.2 (9/8/2001)

- Improved money session features
- Added menu item "Change Wager"
- For Show Possible Moves, replaced the X's and O with green and red rectangles on the board frame
- Modified the piece colors for GreenPattern and GreenBlack boards
- Fixed any known bugs/problems

4.1 (8/5/2001)

- A few minor enhancements/changes
- Compiled with a new release of the compiler

4.0 (5/14/2001)

- New position rollout feature. Read the Position Rollout help for more information
- improved the computer's skill at using the doubling cube
- improved the computer's skill at making moves
- show possible moves works all of the time - not just when a piece is picked up
- several other minor fixes/enhancements


- Fixed a problem that could crash the game at the very end of the game - mostly on older Macs


- Fix - with Automatically Move Partial Moves selected could cause problem on first roll


- Took out a test message left in inadvertently in 3.9.1 & .2


- Added an item in the Registration menu to go to the game download web page
- a couple of minor changes

3.9.1 (9/28/2000)

- Added Command C for conceding
- Fix - inappropriate messages on ocassion with AutoMoves/Partial moves selected
- Fix - the tray piece graphics did not always appear right
- Fix - game was allowing illegal moves when bearing off
- several other minor fixes/enhancements to the interface

3.9 (8/29/2000)

- Improved the computer's use of the doubling cube - more improvements will be in the next version
- Minor improvements to the interface
- Coming Soon! -- Rollout Position feature for determining which of several moves is best or if a double of the cube is correct to make or to accept. Need a fast machine or patience for this.

3.8 (7/1/2000)

- Improved the computer's use of the doubling cube
- Minor improvements to the interface
- PPC version is now available on my web page

3.7.4 (5/9/2000)

- Took out Sound Volume control -- fixes a problem with sound levels and channel balance problems on some machines.

3.7.2 (4/20/2000)

- Fixed a potential problem with Replay with same dice
- Made a small improvement to Who is Winning
- Fixed "Printing without a window" problem with RollOver selected
- Several other minor changes

3.7.1 (3/17/2000)

- Fixed a problem with garbled speech sometimes.

3.7 (3/15/2000)

- Automatic Moves has been taken out of Easy+Automatic - seperate menu item now
- Automatic Moves has been improved to include most moves where there is no choice
- Automatic Moves can now be used with all 3 methods of piece movement
- Improved Help information in Info menu
- Switched the postion in P ip Count/Remaining Rolls display. You are on the bottom now.
- Greatly improved the Pieces Speeds change from one speed to another.
- Several other minor enhancements

3.6.1 (3/7/2000)

- took out a test message that was mistakenly left in v3.6

3.6 (3/5/2000)

- Enhanced the Auto Moves feature to include bearing off and when there is only one choice for the move
- Improved the skill of the computer opponent.
- Who's Winning now gives a better assessment of who has the advantage in the game
- Fixed several minor problems

3.4 (2/22/2000)

- This version has many changes in the code to accomodate a new version of the compiler -- hopefully for the better.
- added sound volume control to the Board menu
- Added Easy + Automatic Moves option to the Board menu to make playing with a laptop easier
- Fixed a couple of minor problems when using Keyboard Moves
- Added Fit Window to Board menu item in the Board menu
- Plus several other minor changes/enhancements

3.0.3 (1/7/2000)

- Fixed a problem caused by the changes that smoothed the piece animation in 3.0.2.

3.0.2 (1/4/2000)

- Smoothed the piece animation when you move a piec.
- Fixed board size problem on Color classic
- Board Sizes were changed from 5 to 7
- Fixed a problem with grayed dice not displaying correctly on some older systems

3.0.1 (1/1/2000)

- Piece movement on some systems was somewhat jerky. Now is smoother.
- Increased the amount of memory allocated to the game to accomodate larger monitors and screen resolutions.

3.0 (12/24/99)

- Added Save Game On Exit option to the Game menu
- Added Load Saved Game On Startup option to the Game menu
- Added marble pieces to the Green Black board
- Put some of the Board menu items in a new Appearance menu item in the board menu
- Added Frame design option to the Appearance menu. Can have the original solid frame or light or dark wood frames
- Added Shift-Click for taking back the last piece move or releasing a selected piece (great for a 2 button mouse)
- Game now requires less memory to run
- The session scores (displayed between the trays) remain until New Session is selected.
- Can now click on either side of the board to pass play to the other player
- Improved the concede logic for the computer (Automatic Concessions)
- Can now start a game that was saved by double-clicking on its icon or by dropping it on the game icon
- Fixed a couple of problems that could occur with keyboard input
- Fixed a problem with Replay with same dice.
- Made several minor enhancements
- Fixed several minor problems


- Added new board color
- Fixed several problems that could cause the game to crash or act strange in certain situations.

2.9.3 (10/27/99)

- Improves game play when is speech used. Action continues after speech starts in some situations so you don't have to wait for it to finish.
- Changed the timing for piece movement. Hopefully improved.
- Added two board colors - Green 2 and BrownRed
- Display 4 dice on doubles is now the default
- Fixed a couple of minor problems

2.9.1 (9/17/99)

- Fixes a compatibility problem with some processors/systems

2.9 (9/15/99)

- Improved the computer player's skill
- Increase the preferred memory size by 200k
- Fixed $ display in money game if zero
- Fixed a potential problem if the game doesn't have enough memory
- Made it less likely that a bad custom color file could cause problems

2.8.9 (7/26/99)

- Added the ability to toggle between displaying the session score and pipcount by clicking in the score area
- Improved the Continue Playing Game option - now includes concedes
- Fixed some problems with saving a game when the game is quit
- When Click After Move is selected made so don't have to click after accepting best move and if click on dice if can't make
all of a move
- Fixed several other minor bugs/problems

2.8.8 (6/15/99)

- Money Game Play option was added
- Replaced the Session Stats button, in the end game dialog, with a Quit button.
- Fixed Click After Move and Instant Replay with both selected.
- Fixed Keyboard play for largest board size on 17 inch or greater monitor. + would take back moves

2.8.6/2.8.7 (6/4/99)

- Fixes a problem introduced in 2.8.5

2.8.5 - all changes put in this version are put into 2.8.6

- Added First Rolls Won to Session Stats and More Scores
- Added Dice Totals to More Scores
- Added Who Gets First Roll... to options menu replacing Human First roll and
Winner Rolls First menu items.
- Fixed incorrect scoring with a backgammon in certain situations
- Click After Move option was expanded to include clicking after the computer's move + dialog to select either.
- Darkened light dice dots for some colors
- With Automatic Rolls selected, the dice are not rolled automatically in the first game. Must click to start.
- Auto Pass will now pass automatically if only part of a move can be made.
- Plus other minor enhancements and changes/fixes

2.8.4 (5/4/99)

- Fix to registration/demo code
- Fixed compatability problem

2.8 (4/21/99)

- Option to continue to play a game after a double has been declined by either player
- Show Possible Moves now shows O in the row the piece is from
- Now save tournament data to be loaded when program is started again
- Made minor changes to the Doubling Cube logic
- Disabled Replay with same/swapped dice when Winner Rolls First is selected
- Fixed odds of rolling any of 4 numbers. 34/2 -> 32/4
- Several other minor changes/fixes

2.7.7 (3/20/99)

- Several minor changes were made
- Fixed a problem that could occur when loading a saved game

2.7.6 (6/15/99)

- Increased maximum board size to fill up 17 inch monitor
- made so that the close box causes fast quit (no message or ask to save game)
- Added option to replay the same dice
- Added option to replay the same dice but swapped - computer plays yours and you play the computer's
- Added 2 position hand cursor and changed to flesh colored for all boards
- Fixed several minor problems


- Added Game and Session statistics to the Stats menu
- Change the dialog displayed at the end of a game to display game statistics instead of session
- Added a button to the above to display session statistics
- Fixed the problem with "Show Possible Moves" always being selected on startup
- Fixed several other minor problems.


- Fixes a problem that can crash some machines if "3 Letter ID" menu item selected twice
- Increased the Preferred Memory size to accomodate larger monitors and greater color depths.


- Made several minor changes.


- Added option to select 4 or 2 dice on doubles.
- Improved the Speak Dice options.
- Fixed several minor things
- Made several minor tweaks/enhancements


- Fixed a couple of minor bugs


- Added 4 dice being display when doubles.
- Instead of dice being removed after being used they are darkened.
- Added Speak Dice option in Board menu
- Fixed a problem with the Show Possible Moves options. Xs were remaining sometimes.


- Fixed problem loading custom board when no preferences file
- Fixed - You "Can't Many any Moves" message coming up when computer is blocked by
prime from the BAR.
- Fixed the "Can't Double - Crawford Restriction" message coming up when it shouldn't
- Increased the delay after computer can't make any move from 1 to 2 seconds.

- Fixed problem when "Show Row Numbers" turned off causing a problem on startup on some machines.


- Added Winner Rolls First
- Added Blue2 board color scheme - made it the default
- Added "Current Session Statistics" dialog display at the end of a game
- some minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- added Pick Up Only 1 Piece option - made it the default
- numerous minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- Added Tournament Stats to Stats menu- took off bottom of board frame
- some minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- Fixed the Custom Colors code and documentation
- removed Green2 board
- added Blue-Green board
- some minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- Added the AutoPass option
- Added BlotRisk (B)
- Improved low memory on larger monitors with millions of colors
- Added Cube Maximum Value
- some minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- Improved handling of large monitors and 16 & 32 bit color depths
- added GreenYellow board
- some minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- Improved computer skill handling the doubling cube in a running game
- Fixed the not enough memory bug when piece shape changed
- some minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- Fixed the Tournament problem with the score and doubling
- Improved computer skill


- Much better low memory handling
- numerous minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- Put in Piece Shape option
- Took out colors from menus and fixed the NotePad/Help menus
- Increased Max BoardWidth to 900 from 750 pixels
- Added Cmd z for undoing moves/dice/double
- numerous minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- Improved computer play skill
- some minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- some minor changes and enhancements
- Fixed all know bugs


- improved computer play skill