This is not a compete history of enhancements and fixes.It is a summary with more emphasis on enhancements/improvements.

5.5.2 (12/29/09)

- changed some text in the Help files

5.5.1 (3/5/09)

- in the demo version, the 3 letter id, in the startup dialog might have clipped the top of the letters. Fixed hopefully.

5.5 (1/12/09)

- added a Quick Help item to the Help menu
- made several interface enhancements
- updated some text in the help files
- fixed any known problems

5.3 (12/19/07)

- updated some information in the Registration Information
- fixed any known problems

5.2.3 (8/5/07)

- updated some information in the Help file and ReadThis file

5.2.2 (6/17/06)

- with both Input Dice Rolls and Beaver Allowed selected, after a double from the computer has been accepted and the dice input, the dice were given to you not the computer opponnent. Also, must click on Yes twice to accept it. Has been fixed. - made several other minor changes.

5.2 (2/17/06)

- added more stats - games conceded, games aborted, rolls
- improved session stats
- changed how the information is diplayed between the trays. Can show pipcount, session score or running score, the cursor shows which it is
- added a new option to Right Mouse Button Action - can now select to pick up multiple pieces with one click. The piece clicked over determines the number picked up (only up to the dice available to be used)
- many other minor fixes, changes and enhancements

5.1.4 (1/13/06)

- improved automatic concessions by the computer opponent
- changed several menu items to go to the game web site instead of just giving the URL
- changed some menu items text to be more descriptive

5.1 (1/8/06)

- improved the dice and cube at larger board sizes
- improved cube handling by the computer opponent
- several other minor enhancements

5.0 (12/17/05)

- many changes were made to improve the skill of the computer opponent in chosing its moves
- many changes were made to improve the skill of the computer opponent's handling of the cube
- the largest board size was increased for larger monitors. However the dice and cube are still the same size so will seem small at the largest board sizes
- fixed any know problems

4.9.2 (12/24/04)

- minor changes to improve doubling cube logic
- fixed any know problems.

4.9.1 (2/16/04)

- For each turn, the sound for the last piece to be put into the tray was not heard - okay now

4.9 (12/24/03)

- New - added an option to select the "personality" of the computer player: Normal, Conservative or Aggressive.

4.8.3 (3/2/03) - Several minor problems were fixed
- Several minor visual enhancements

4.8.1 (1/5/03)

- Fixed a problem on first roll of the game with Winner Rolls First or Re-roll First Roll selected

4.8 (12/28/02)

- Improved piece movement with Windows XP
- If all pieces are in the innerboard except 1, that piece can be moved to the tray without first being put in the innerboard
- Changed move logic that allowed illegal moves when entering from the bar with 2 pieces selected
- Several other minor enhancements
- All known problems were fixed

4.7.1 (8/28/02)

- Changed piece design in Blue board
- Shift-click now takes back the last piece move
- Several other minor enhancements/fixes

4.7 (7/30/02)

- Added 2 more wood frame options
- Changed references to AOL website to
- Changed so that if the password is entered by the adminstator account, all other users can use the game as registered
- Made several other minor enhancements and fixes


- Added option in Tournament Setup to have game stats be displayed at the end of a game or not
- Made several changes to improve compatability with Win XP
- Made several other minor enhancements


- Made changes to improve compatability with Win XP.
- Modified the Setup program to work with Win XP - also works better with Win 98/95
- Eliminated the use of Borland Controls (bwcc32.dll)

4.5 (12/25/01)

- Added voice recognition to the game. Can play using your voice only (must have proper speech software installed)
- Made changes to Remaining Rolls that affects endplay situations.Should result in minor improvement in the computer moves and cube use
- Fixed an Auto Moves problem with 2 pieces on the bar
- Made several other minor changes

4.1 (5/17/01)

- Made minor improvements to the computer skill with moves and the cube
- Made minor enhancements to the Rollout feature
- Made several other minor changes

4.0.1 (10/18/2000)

- Took out a test message that was left in v4.0

4.0 (10/16/2000)

- Added the ability to rollout board positions to see which of several moves is better or whether
the cube should be offered or accepted.
- Improved the computers skill level.

3.7.1 (10/5/2000)

- Was allowing illegal moves while bearing off - no more.
- Fixed a problem with pieces not being drawn correctly in some cases

3.7 (9/9/2000)

- Fixed a problem that could cause the game to crash when Show Possible Moves was selected, a piece was on the bar & doubles were rolled.
- The computer's skill with the doubling cube is improved
- Fixed a problem that caused the computer not to double in a running game when the pipcount was below 60
- Made several other minor changes
- Next version will have the ability to rollout board positions to see which of several moves is better and whether
the cube should be offered or accepted.

3.6 (6/6/2000)

- Made several changes to improve appearance and game flow
- Fixed several other minor problems with winner rolls first and continuing the game after it ends

3.5.5 (4/23/2000)

- The ocassional double-click problem when switching to another application has been eliminated
- Fixed several other minor problems.

3.5 (3/24/2000)

- Automatic Moves has been taken out of Easy+Automatic - seperate menu item now
- Automatic Moves has been improved to include most moves where there is no choice
- Automatic Moves can now be used with all 3 methods of piece movement
- Added "marble" pieces to the default board color
- Switched the position in P ip Count/Remaining Rolls display - you are on the bottom now.
- Improved "Who is winning" accuracy - especially in the end game
- Right click can be used to select the other die in Automatic Moves - same as shift-click
- Hopefully Replay with same dice has no more problems
- Took out the test message mistakenly left in that appeared on the top left boardframe
- Fixed the problem with Piece Shape not changing until restarting the game
- Several other minor enhancements

3.2 (2/25/00)

- Added ability to use both dice in a move with Easy+Automatic moves using Ctrl-Click
- Fixed a problem with replay with same dice
- Fixed a problem when bearing of using Easy+Automatic moves
- Fixed dice sound getting cut off early if the Speak Dice option was selected


- Added new board color
- Improved the computer skill - not a big change though
- Made several changes that improved speech
- Fixed the problem with Show Possible Moves created in 3.0
- Several other minor enhancements and improvements


- Added Right Mouse Button Action options
- Improved the computer skill.
- Added "Load Saved Game On Startup option"
- Added "Save Game on Exit" option
- Added BorderPattern option to Board Appearance menu
- Added BoardFrame Design option to Board Appearance menu
- Added Easy+Automatic Moves option
- Made the Show Possible Move so that it displays just passing the cursor over a piece
- Plus many other minor enhancements


- Added option for Money Session Play in the Game menu. $ won/lost are saved so that money session can be resumed on startup
- Improved the tournament play.
-Several other minor improvements


- A fix to correct color problems on startup with 256 colors. Did not affect many computers.

2.8.6 (7/20/99)

- Added Grayed dice after use instead of disappearing
- Added 4 dice on doubles option
- Added new Click After Move...
- Added Dice Totals and First Rolls Won to statistics
- Enhanced AutoPass to include partial moves
- Added Who Gets First Roll... incorporating Human First Roll & WinnerRollsFirst
- Added Toggle to display pipcount or score. Prefs are saved and shows score at start of game.
- many minor enhancements and fixes

2.7.9 (7/9/99)

- Corrected incorrect scoring with a backgammon in certain situations
- Changed Session Stats in Who Won dialog to Quit.
- Added Continue Game to end of game dialog.
- Increased the largest board size
- several fixes and minor enhancements

2.7.6 - 2.7.8

- several fixes and minor enhancements


- increased the Maximum board size to 1300 from 1000
- Made all hand cursors one color
- Added Speak Dice option
- Added Game Stats to Stats menu
- Added Added Session Stats to Stats menu
- Changed end of game dialog tto game stats
- Added Replay same dice to end of game dialog
- Added Replay swapped dice to end of game dialog
- Show Possible Moves - added O to the from row
- several fixes and minor enhancements


- Fixed the memory leaks.


- Made so that can click anywhere in the board to roll dice(except the BAR)
- Added Session Stats to the Stats menu
- several fixes and minor enhancements

2.6.4 (this was only give to Jeff)

- several fixes and minor enhancements


- several fixes and minor enhancements


- Added end of game dialog
- several fixes and minor enhancements

2.6 -

- several fixes and minor enhancements


- several fixes and minor enhancements
version 2.5.1 - uploaded 9/20
- several fixes and minor enhancements



- Added Winner Rolls First option
- Added ability to use the right button to put down 2 pieces on a row.
- Added Pickup Only 1 Piece option, making it the default


2.2.1 - 2.2.3

- several fixes and minor enhancements


- added Cube Maximum option
- improved the computer play
- added Display Blot Risk option - B
- Added Blot Risk and Instant Replay to CursorOptions menu
- Added PieceSound to Sound Control dialog


- finally fixed the "I can't make any move" problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Improved the board colors
- Max board size changed from 750 to 1000
- Improved skill logic

2.0.1 - 2.1

- several fixes and minor enhancements


- Improved Computer play skill
- Improved Cube doubling skill
- Added ShowpossibleMoves
- Added Running Scores & other statistics
- Automatic Rolls feature
- Added Switch Sides
- Added Instant Replay of Computer Move
- Added Odds Help to Help menu
- Moved Registration menu when registered
- Row numbers are reversed
- Increased Piece Speed considerably at all levels
- Added Sound Control Dialog
- Added more board colors - including marble pieces
- Improved dialog box appearances (bwcc.dll versions)
- Made F1 give context sensitive help.
- minor improvements and bug fixes
- More help and information
- Added Cancel to quit game
- Close Help Window when quit the game.
version 1.3.9
- several fixes and minor enhancements
version 1.3.8
- several fixes and minor enhancements
Version 1.3.6
- Added CursorOptions menu